History of Social Science Launching 2024, Volume 1.1

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Launching 2024, Volume 1.1

About History of Social Science

History of Social Science offers an international forum for the examination of the transformations of the social sciences since the early twentieth century. The journal, sponsored by the Society for the History of Recent Social Science (HISRESS), covers a variety of disciplines, from the core social sciences of economics, political science, and sociology, to disciplines with links to natural science, such as anthropology, geography, and psychology, and disciplines closer to the humanities, such as history and philosophy. Related fields, including area studies, business, communication studies, criminology, law, and linguistics, are also included under the journal’s editorial scope. An important editorial commitment of the journal is to solicit and cultivate scholarship on the history of the social sciences throughout the world, as well as work that traces the transnational circulation and mutual shaping of ideas, practices, and personnel.

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